Polyester chips textile gradeTextile Grade

PET is produced with the polymerization of Monoethylen glycol with Terepthalic acid. Polyethilen terefthalic has a wide array of usage. In the textile sector, it is used as raw material (PET CHIPS TEXTILE GRADE). PET Chips used in Textile Industry is also known as Fibre grade PET chips, filament grade PET chips or textile grade PET chips. Textile grade PET Chips are used for making Polyester Filament yarn like POY, FDY and Staple fibre used widely in the Textile industry.

They are manufactured for textile applications and are supplied to the yarn- producing industry in semi-dull and super- bright. The Yarn grade or Textile grade chips are available in Super Bright (BR Chips), Semi Dull (SD Chips), Cationic Semi Dull and Cationic Super Bright PET Chips (CD Chips).

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